Dr Yu Chao Lee

Dr Yu Lee Chao - Adelaide Spine Surgeon


Dr Yu Chao Lee is an Adelaide Spine Surgeon, who consults and treats all spinal conditions including degenerative spine disease of the lumbar and cervical spine, spinal deformity, spinal tumour and spinal trauma. Dr Lee’s main interest is in minimally invasive surgery and he utilises muscle sparing techniques for treating adult degenerative spinal disease and spinal deformity.

Dr Lee’s goal is to provide high quality spinal care to the community of Adelaide.

Dr Lee had comprehensive training in spinal surgery. Dr Lee graduated from the University of Adelaide and obtained his specialist qualification in Orthopaedic Surgery from Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. Following conclusion of his surgical training, he went on to complete subspecialist Fellowship training in adult and paediatric spine locally in Adelaide. He then travelled to the United Kingdom to undertake another year of subspecialist Fellowship training in complex adult spinal deformity, revision spinal surgery and spinal tumour surgery in Europe’s largest spine deformity surgery centre at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London. Dr Lee has extensive experience in the latest minimal invasive techniques for spine fusion and proficient with intraoperative navigated spine surgery.

Dr Yu Chao Lee is committed to providing high quality clinical care of patients through evidenced based practice. He had published numerous research articles in the field of spinal surgery in peer-reviewed journals and had presented at National and International conferences.


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