Cervical Disc Replacement or Fusion

Cervical disc replacement or cervical fusion is performed to remove the problem disc that is causing nerve compression or spinal cord compression. The exposure is made through the front of the neck as it gives good direct access to the problem disc.

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. The skin incision is made on the side of the neck. Major neck structures are retracted to the sides allowing access to the front of the cervical spine. After the disc space has been identified on X-ray, the disc is then removed to decompress the affected spinal nerve or spinal cord.

With cervical disc replacement, the disc space is replaced with an artificial disc, which preserves some movement between the bone segments of the cervical spine. With cervical fusion, the disc space is reconstructed with a cage, secured with screws with or without a small plate to add stability to the construct.

Dr Lee is experienced in performing each of the techniques used for cervical spine treatment, and will discuss these treatment options with you if surgery is required.

Cervical Disc Replacement


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